Uncontested Divorce

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Explore our mediation services if you are not quite in full agreement but may be able to get there.

What do you have to agree to make your divorce uncontested or no-fault?  An uncontested divorce means you agree on all issue or at least there is an agreement not to challenge the terms of the divorce.  The best way to accomplish an uncontested divorce is by outlining your agreement on the terms of the separation and divorce in a separation agreement.  Here are some of the thing to consider when working towards an agreement.

  • Separation of property – house, vehicle, furniture, retirement, etc.;
  • Separation of debt – credit cards, personal loans, vehicle loans, home loan, etc.;
  • Spousal support – short-term, alimony, etc.

Other issues that can resolve separately:

  • Custody arrangements;
  • Child support.

An uncontested divorce will save money. 

An uncontested divorce will save you pain.

An uncontested divorce will save your family.

It may be the end of your marriage – but it doesn’t have to be the end of your family.

When can you get an uncontested divorce?

  • If you have minor children, you have to wait one year to file for divorce.
  • If you have no children and a separation agreement, you can file in six-months.

What is the first step? If you are all in agreement you should consider getting the separation agreement immediately.  Having an agreement out of the way reduces a lot of stress and uncertainty and allows you both to focus on your family and building your new life.

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