Child custody

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Child Custody

How custody will work can be a complicated matter.  The most important think to understand is that if you can agree on a custody arrangement where both parents are happy this is the best solution.  When parents cannot agree the matter sometimes ends up in court.

When A Court Decides Custody

Most people interpret the law to allow both parents of a child have equal rights to physical and legal custody of a child. While many would say Virginia law gives no preference to either parent, there is a preference which is based on the child’s “best interest”.  The preference is based on time.  The court general sees continuity/stability of the child’s schedule as a goal.  While a separation/divorce can mean many changes to a child like new home, new school, new friends, new doctor’s, etc. determining what is closest to stability.

A parent with a is history of violence or abuse against a family member will not be given equal consideration.

A court deciding custody may order:

  • sole or joint (shared) physical custody (who the child lives with);
  • sole or joint (shared) legal custody (who makes decisions about the child)
  • Visitation (or parenting time) with a parent who does not have physical custody, or with others

If the court orders sole physical custody to one parent the other parent can petition for parenting time (visitation). 

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