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Thinking about paying for legal fees is a stress on top of the legal situation you are trying to resolve.  At The Merna Law Group we offer several affordable options depending on the type of legal service you are seeking to resolve.  Schedule a consultation today!

Our Payment Plans For

Divorce, Separation, Custody

Things That Make Cases Expensive

Delaying! Time generally leads to greater distance in an already broken relationship which equals less agreement.  The more you agree on the less you need to pay an attorney.

Call and schedule a telephone free consultation.  You may not need to file for a while but waiting will only increase the rush, the chance of a more complicate

Divorce Payment Plans

There are two types of divorce: contested & uncontested.  Uncontested is easy.  We will break the fees up over the phases of your case.  You can file right away, however, your case proceeds based on your payment plan.

In a contested divorce, you are required to deposit a “retainer”amount depending on the complication and level of dispute.  You can fund paying this “retainer” at your leisure.  The case, however, will not proceed until the agreed retainer is reached.

Call to schedule a divorce consultation with an attorney the consultation is free is your retain us.  However, there is a $100 upfront fee to retain our firm which is applied to the fees required in the event you retain us to handle your matter.

A Final Word On The Stress of Paying Attorney Fees

We know paying attorney fees to have a lawyer assist you with a legal matter is stressful.  However, here is the reality.

  1. Most divorcing clients are paying high attorney costs because they have allowed their relationship to get more heated as the delayed in taking action.  More fighting means more attorney fees.  Act today.
  2. Stressing over money causes delay. Financial distress is also the number one cause of failed relationships.
  3. A stress-free life truly doesn’t start again until you get your legal matter behind you.  Make getting it done a priority.
  4. Most people filing divorce just want out.  This is a very expensive mind-set.  They think they are being the bigger person.  However, I have seen clients that would have avoided bankruptcy had they had a divorce attorney to represent them.  The reverse is also true.  Had people eliminated the debt earlier their relationship might have been salvages.  Financial stress is the number one reason given for divorce.

 Disclaimer: The Merna Law Group reserves the right not to extend a payment arrangement.